Stand Up For Your Health

Aug 15, 2018

Do you ever think about the amount of time spent sitting down every day and the effects this has on your health? According to Forbes, the average office worker sits for an average of 10 hours per day, where 73% of people only stand to either use the bathroom or grab a beverage. You can imagine how this can put a strain on your body.

However, with the invention of stand-up desks, this problem is solved!

Research has shown that sitting all day can result in high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, weight gain, poor blood circulation, heart disease, posture problems and weakened muscles. By simply pressing a button for 5 seconds, raising yourself up off of your chair can make the biggest difference in your quality of life.

At Potoo, we are dedicated to ensuring that the well-being of our employees is a priority. One way we achieve employee wellness is by featuring standing desks in our office. With the ability to change the desk height so you can stand with an adjustable range, employees can customize the desk to their personal build. As a result, you are able to comfortably work standing up or fix your posture to negate the detrimental effects that continuously sitting may cause.

So what exactly are the health benefits of stand-up desks?

Simply put, standing will help reduce the harmful effects that sitting causes. Staying up on your feet can allow the addition of calories to be burned. Although it may not be the amount you can burn while on a treadmill, a small number every day does add up, reducing the potential risk of obesity in the long run.

Another health benefit to consider is that standing greatly reduces blood sugar levels. Especially after consuming food, the body’s natural blood sugar level is raised. After lunch, it’s important to have the option to stand in order to avoid a spike in these levels.

One more risk factor that is reduced thanks to stand-up desks is a lower chance of heart disease. It’s no secret that exercising greatly decreases this risk, therefore, standing is a step up from complete inactivity.


What about your mood?

An improvement in mood results in a rise in energy levels and productivity. In Potoo’s fast-paced environment, it’s a key asset to be as productive as possible. Standing desks encourage this by allowing the body to open up and the ability to freely move with a subconscious focus on retaining balance, rather than being hunched over. Better body language and higher productivity!

Try standing for just a few more hours per day and watch yourself transform both physically and mentally!  

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