Potoo delivers actionable analytics with concierge service, giving clients the power to take back control of their brands in the online marketplace, arming them with a crucial edge over the competition and leading to transformational growth.


Potoo tracks and manages millions of different items across all product categories, from many of the world’s most valued brands

Marketplace Solutions

Manufacturers are faced with increasing challenges in online marketplaces including disruptive third-party sellers, fluid price points, illegitimate sourcing, and counterfeit goods. As a result, even the most successful brands are experiencing reduced sales and margins and are seeing negative effects on brand value due to the lack of control. These problems will only continue to grow as more and more retailers are adopting the marketplace framework. Potoo helps brands take back control through data-driven services that help inform strategic decisions aiming to protect brands from sellers who diminish brands’ reputations.

Data Insights

Accurate data is imperative when it comes to informing business decisions around an ever-changing e-commerce landscape. Potoo provides each client with a customized and interactive dashboard zeroing in on pivotal data points such as:

  • Seller and Listing Count
  • Marketplace Price Tracking
  • Price Violator Tracking
  • Reseller Inventory and Sales

Storefront Management

Whether you’re looking to set up an Amazon Seller or Vendor account, or just need help to improve your current online presence, Potoo provides expert guidance through every step of the process. We utilize best practices to help your brand start off on the right foot and navigate complex online marketplaces successfully. Our services include:

  • Metrics and Data Analysis to Increase Sales
  • Launch and List New Products
  • Optimization of Current Content and Listings, including A+ Content
  • Amazon Communications Facilitation
  • Seller Metrics and Customer Feedback Rating
  • Develop Pricing Strategies
  • Keyword Searches


Online marketplaces are rapidly expanding. With more than five million third-party sellers on Amazon and 25 million more on eBay and Walmart, it can be extremely difficult for brands to stay on top of their online presence. Price instability, product inconsistency, unauthorized foreign goods, expired and stolen items and counterfeits are rampant, and they all harm consumer trust, brand consistency, and a brand’s bottom line. By providing in-depth data, collected using its proprietary system, and working tirelessly to fix those problems,
Potoo enables brands to take back control.

The Team

Recently the recipients of a state of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development business development grant for expansion, Potoo expects to double its size for the fourth year running. Their open-concept office space for the growing 70+ member team includes standing desks for each employee, massage chairs, ping pong tables, a shuffleboard game, a gym, standing treadmills, a blender bike, and unlimited snacks.

POTOO (pah-too)

The potoo is a bird native to the Amazonian rainforest that is essential to the survival of the ecosystem, but virtually invisible to the naked eye. Like the bird, Potoo works with brands behind the scenes to provide actionable data about their online position.


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