Potoo’s New ‘Nest’

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Potoo is the leading agency in providing data-driven services to manage a company’s online marketplace presence. As e-commerce continues to takeover the retail space, Potoo is on its way to becoming the fastest-growing company in Connecticut. A new headquarters was crucial to the company's growth.

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The 10,000-square-foot space is meant to accommodate Potoo's growing staff and plans for expansion. Their team is set to triple by the end of the 2018 holiday season. Designed by an office supplies and furniture company based in New York City, the modern office is complete with standing desks for each employee. The sit-to-stand capabilities are not the only way the company ensures health benefits for its team members. The building is complete with an upgraded cafeteria and brand new fitness center. With a full parking deck and shuttle to the train station, the daily commute is painless.


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As the leading provider in data-driven services to ensure a company’s online marketplace presence is running effectively, POTOO provides clients with actionable data, tools and services to control how brands are reflected online.

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