Rogue third-party sellers. Counterfeit merchandise. Price violations. In the Amazon marketplace, there are many pitfalls standing in the way of your brand’s success. Amazon Brand Registry is the first protective step, but it’s often not enough. Controlling how your brand is reflected in the marketplace takes actionable data, tools and an experienced partner.


What can POTOO do for your brand?


Amazon Data Metrics and Tracking

Get actionable data and analytics for managing your brand on Amazon, POTOO services include:

  • Price Tracking

  • Listing and Seller Metrics

  • Sales Analytics

  • Reseller Inventory

  • Third-Party Sales Tracking


AMAZON Marketplace Control

POTOO provides a verifiable template for protection from sellers that jeopardize your brand online, including:

  • Seller Identification

  • Online Data Dashboard

  • Listing Consolidation

  • Product Optimization

  • Sales and Competitive Data Collection


AMAZON Storefront Management

Stay competitive and prevent daily brand dilution, the POTOO approach includes:

  • Optimization of Content and Listings

  • Amazon Communications Facilitation

  • Seller Metrics and Customer Feedback Rating

  • Pricing Strategies

  • Keyword Searches, A+ Content and Pages


Protecting 500+ brands

and over 1,000,000 products on amazon

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Top brands across 12+categories trust their business to POTOO

Seller authentication process enabled one of the world’s largest appliance manufacturers to eliminate 85% of total rogue product listings in 3 months.
Multibillion-dollar global skincare brand optimized vendor catalog to correct top-selling product listing errors, posting best sales weeks and quarters ever.
Renowned cutlery manufacturer identified and addressed violators of the company’s pricing policy, freeing up sales increasing margins for authorized partners.


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