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Aug 23, 2018

Potoo wouldn’t see exponential growth throughout the past few years without the passion and drive of our employees. Although we look for candidates who come fully equipped with an excellent work ethic, Potoo strives to keep an upbeat atmosphere flowing throughout our office overlooking the serene landscape of CT.

Potoo is a new and fast-growing company, where energy is the key to expansion. On track to becoming the fastest growing company in Connecticut, Potoo’s Human Resources team is determined to make its workspace an environment where diversity, talent, and innovative thinking interact to meet success.

It’s important to build a workspace that promotes a passionate workforce. What builds passion is a genuine desire to progress in what you’re interested in and this can be achieved by surrounding yourself in an environment that is as enjoyable and developmentally stimulating as possible. A workspace not only establishes a standard for work ethic but allows a company to work in a collaborative way. If a work space isn’t set up to encourage interaction, how productive can a company be? Would you want to work for a company where interaction was at a minimum, personal relationships weren’t formed, opinions weren’t valued and the office itself was dull? Probably not.

Without enthusiasm or energy, work life can become bland quickly. When working becomes bland, productivity and motivation trickle down into a cycle detrimental to not only the company but employees themselves. Here at Potoo, the well-being of our employees is a priority, as they are what fuels the company.  So how exactly does Potoo make its work environment an enjoyable place that pushes these values?

Evelyna Avanesian, Potoo’s Human Resources Manager, explains, “Potoo’s company culture is unlike any other! We truly are a family at Potoo and we welcome new team members with open arms and smiling faces. We are all about teamwork and our open floor plan definitely promotes collaboration and innovation.” Evelyna believes that when employees feel personally connected to those they work with on a daily basis, it can make the utmost difference in the productivity and development of a company. “Our Social Committee promotes teamwork and bonding during our monthly birthday celebrations, off-site scavenger hunts, potluck picnics, mock shark tanks, and bowling adventures! This summer, we hosted world cup breakfasts and projected the games on our big screens! We also have music playing in the office and we hold semi-monthly office game lunches. We will be hosting the Kona Ice truck next week and we are currently planning a fantasy football league for the 2018-2019 NFL season!” Our office is always jam-packed with events, which help establish a perfect balance between work and fun, keeping an upbeat vibe.

Not only is it important for a work environment to maintain a collaborative and cheerful mood to create drive within employees, but also for when companies want to hire new candidates. Human Resources Recruiter, Krystyna Romano, believes an office atmosphere is a key indicator of whether an individual finds a job appealing or not and explains that “What captures our candidate’s eyes are our stand up desks, which offer an adjustable height range, enabling employees to work standing or sitting”. She adds, “And the outside view is breathtaking”. It’s important for employees to feel as comfortable as possible when working in a fast-paced environment, which adds developmentally stimulating and productive attributes to an individual’s work ethic.

Krystyna, believes this work environment is beneficial to those who are confident in their potential and strive to achieve that. She provides insight into the type of candidates she looks for, which is “someone who knows what they want from their next job and their career. It’s important that potential hires have a sense of humor and are confident in their own abilities”. When searching for a company to work for, it’s ideal to find a company that aligns with your personality and everyday passions.

What attributes do you look for in a company culture?


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