Product Optimization And Why It’s Important

Aug 7, 2018

Product optimization is enhancing a product listing to make it more appealing to consumers. Especially in the online marketplace where endless amounts of products are offered to shoppers, it’s important for a brand’s image to stick out to their potential customers in order to compete. The end goal of product optimization is to make a product as credible and appealing as possible.

To compete in the online marketplace, brands should begin by focusing their attention to what is first capturing a shopper’s eye – the image. Images should be professional by capturing various angles, sizes, colors, and styles. If an image is blurry, unprofessionally cropped or has an improper background, chances are a shopper will think the product is coming from an inauthentic source and will not purchase. Product descriptions are the next place customers look to dive deeper into whether they feel confident enough to follow through with a purchase. Listing optimization will help properly inform a potential customer about key features. A brand should make sure their descriptions coincide with what is written on their advertising platforms and are moderate in length. These elements in listing descriptions will enhance the credibility of the product, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Lastly, it’s important to be aware of how your customers are reacting to your product on your product reviews. Feedback can help enhance a product by responding to what customers do or don’t like. Secondly, if several bad reviews are being written, a red flag will go up in a consumer’s mind, ultimately pushing them away from making a purchase.

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